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Our Process

Founded in 2009, Ecnomus Construction is a project management and construction company specializing in new custom homes and major renovations with a collaborative approach from start to finish. Deploying our 9 Phase System tailored to your project, we ensure consistent, repeatable results from true construction and management professionals that last.


We want to walk through your project with you to understand what you need and what will make a lasting impact on how you live.

We really want to get to know you, coffee? Dinner? A beer?


Once we are fully Aligned on your vision and budget, we will introduce an architect that lines up with your aesthetic taste and budget. It all starts by developing conceptual drawings that allow us to build initial budgets for your project. It’s important that we are completely Transparent in our budgeting process and define key metrics that we can be Accountable for throughout our journey together.

We really pride ourselves on value engineering for the people we work for, getting you the most value possible for your investment. We try to leave no stone unturned for realistic options that are worth your consideration so there aren’t any “What if?’s” only “Heck Ya!’s”

Once concepts and budgets are approved, we move on to final construction drawings and permitting. During this phase we also ensure all construction documentation is prepared and ready to go.

At this stage, it’s important that we develop a full schedule that we are all working towards and can maintain accountability on through the project.

When we receive final construction drawings we validate our proposed budget with subtrade and supplier quotes, this also gives us an opportunity to make changes that will make the project and budget more efficient.

Our proposed management fee is a fixed percentage of construction costs. This is based on the complexity, scope and duration of the project. By fixing our fee from the start we ensure that our only incentive is to be completely Aligned with you. Our first responsibility is to you and to deliver the best value we can.

Once all that’s squared away… or before … Start picking your finishes!


We have developed a proprietary 9 Phase System for completing our projects with solid repeatable results in collaboration with BDO. Our system breaks down each Phase into it’s component parts and ensures no decisions or steps are missed to maintain the schedule and adherence to the budget.

Our 9 Phase System is put into action with complete Transparent communication, Accountable updates and holistic reporting at the completion of each phase to keep us all fully Aligned.

A real time budget analysis is always available, maintaining our commitment to being totally Transparent.

We deliver a complete invoice package bi-weekly for work completed for you to review. Our packages include all trade and supplier invoices, as well as material receipts for the invoice period. Completely Transparent.

We are dedicated to minimizing or reducing budget overages, if there is a change requested that impacts the budget, we will let you know, provide alternatives for consideration, and proceed once approved.

We pride ourselves on communication, we always strive to keep the people we work for fully informed of what’s happening on their project and is scheduled to happen.

We want you to enjoy the process, learn about your new home and how this all works… it’s cool stuff! We’re always happy to have meetings at your convenience to work through any questions.


We’re done! Pop the Champagne! Enjoy your newly finished home! We aren’t going anywhere so if there are ever any issues we’re only a phone call away.